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**CBW Transport LLC Files Freight Broker Complaint against Spot Logistics LLC**

Freight Broker Complaint Against Spot Locistics


CBW Transport LLC Files Freight Broker Complaint against Spot Logistics

United States, Colorado – December 14, 2023 – CBW Transport LLC, a duly licensed trucking company based in Denver Colorado, has filed a formal freight broker complaint with the appropriate regulatory authorities against Spot Logistics, a freight broker operating under MC# 665776.

The complaint alleges that Spot Logistics, through its agents Johnathan Gill (direct number: 317-635-6207 X289) and Sebastian Luna (direct number: 317-635-6207 X926), engaged in unfair and deceptive practices in the course of arranging a freight shipment for CBW Transport.

Details of the Freight Broker Complaint Against Spot Logistics :

  • On December 1, 2023, Corey White, owner of CBW Transport, picked up a load from the shipper as instructed by Spot Logistics.

  • Upon arrival at the designated receiver, a portion of the load was discovered missing from the trailer.

  • Mr. White immediately contacted Spot Logistics and was instructed to stand by for further instructions.

  • Despite waiting for four hours, no further instructions were received from Spot Logistics.

  • Subsequently, the broker notified Mr. White that the remaining portion of the load needed to be delivered to a different receiver.

  • Spot Logistics acknowledged the need for detention pay due to the wait and verbally agreed to pay a new rate for the second delivery.

  • While a new bill of lading (BOL) was provided, no confirmation of the new rate was received.

  • Mr. White contacted Spot Logistics again to clarify the new rate but was met with further delays and lack of communication.

  • Despite informing the broker that layover fees would be incurred if a new rate was not provided, Spot Logistics remained unresponsive.

  • On December 4th, Mr. White proceeded to the second receiver without receiving the agreed-upon rate confirmation.

  • Upon reaching the second receiver, Mr. White was informed that a printed copy of the BOL was required for acceptance of the load.

  • This requirement was not communicated by Spot Logistics beforehand, causing further delays and inconvenience.

  • On December 5th, Mr. White returned to the receiver with the printed BOL, successfully delivered the remaining load, and obtained a signed proof of delivery (POD).

  • Despite repeated requests, Spot Logistics refused to provide the new rate confirmation and demanded the submitted POD as a condition for payment.

  • Mr. White refused to send the POD until the agreed-upon rate was confirmed.

  • In response, Spot Logistics threatened to deny all claims and refuse payment without the POD.

  • Despite submitting all required paperwork, including the POD, Mr. White has not received the promised new rate payment and remains ignored by Spot Logistics.

CBW Transport LLC is seeking the following remedies:

  • Payment of the agreed-upon new rate for the second delivery

  • Compensation for the incurred detention time

  • Reimbursement of layover fees

  • Damages for the time and effort wasted due to Spot Logistics' negligence and unprofessional conduct

CBW Transport LLC believes that Spot Logistics' actions constitute a violation of applicable regulations and industry standards. The company is committed to pursuing all legal avenues to ensure fair compensation and hold Spot Logistics accountable for its misconduct.


Contact: Corey White CBW Transport LLC [Email protected]


Note: This press release is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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