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**201 Transport LLC Files A Freight Broker Complaint against TMX Logitran for Misconduct and Harassment**

Freight Broker Complaint Against TMX LOGITRAN


Erlanger, KY 41018, United States December 13, 2023 – 201 Transport LLC, a licensed trucking company owned and operated by Jamar Bronner (MC# 01168), has filed a formal complaint against freight broker TMX Logitran (MC# 839498) alleging unprofessional conduct, bullying, harassment, and failure to pay agreed-upon rates.

Details of the Freight Broker Complaint Against TMX LOGITRAN :

On November 16th, Mr. Bronner booked a load with TMX Logitran, originating in Charleston, South Carolina, and destined for Augusta, Georgia. The booking confirmation email included load ID number 1008764. Upon arrival at the shipper in Charleston, Mr. Bronner discovered that the same load had been double-booked by TMX Logitran, resulting in confusion and delays.

Despite informing the broker of the error and proceeding with a different load assigned by the shipper (load number 2302751), Mr. Bronner was unexpectedly removed from the original booking without prior communication.

Furthermore, Mr. Bronner claims to have faced harassment and threats from TMX Logitran's broker agent, Stephen Ruhe. Mr. Ruhe allegedly used derogatory language, made physical threats, and threatened to damage Mr. Bronner's equipment and reputation.

Mr. Bronner successfully delivered the assigned load and is seeking the following remedies:

  • Payment of the agreed-upon rate of $1,400.

  • Compensation for the delays and inconvenience caused by TMX Logitran's errors.

  • Damages for the harassment and threats received from Mr. Ruhe.

Mr. Bronner states: "This experience has been incredibly stressful and harmful to my business. I did nothing wrong, and the unprofessional conduct and bullying tactics displayed by TMX Logitran are unacceptable. I am pursuing this complaint to ensure fair compensation and hold them accountable for their actions."

201 Transport LLC is committed to ethical business practices and expects the same from its partners. They urge other carriers to be aware of potential issues when working with TMX Logitran.



Jamar Bronner 201 Transport LLC [Email protected]


Note: This press release is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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