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**Freight Broker Complaint Filed Against
Total Quality Logistics by:
Leonard Dodson of L-1 Logistics LLC**

Freight broker Complaint Against Total Quality Logistics

**Public Complaint Notice and Press Release**




Leonard Dodson, representing L-1 Logistics LLC (MC Authority 3049494), has officially lodged a complaint against the freight broker company, Total Quality Logistics (TQL, MC Authority 322752). This complaint specifically names TQL agent Michael Shreve (Email: and involves additional TQL personnel (Email:


**Details of the  Freight Broker Complaint **


The grievance arises from an incident involving a shipment handled by L-1 Logistics LLC for TQL. The consignment, routed from Indiana to North Carolina and destined for McLane Company, was rejected upon arrival due to a 30-minute delay. Subsequently, communication with the receiver indicated a rescheduled delivery for December 15th. However, upon contacting TQL, L-1 Logistics was informed that the shipment would instead be returned to the shipper at a cost of $6,900, inclusive of fuel charges.


The shipment was duly returned on the following Friday, but TQL, citing the initial delay, initiated a claim against L-1 Logistics and reneged on the agreed payment terms. Leonard Dodson affirms that the conversation and agreement with TQL were fully documented and preserved.


**Response And Action Sought For the Freight Broker Complaint: **


L-1 Logistics LLC seeks a fair resolution to this dispute and calls for accountability from Total Quality Logistics. The company urges TQL to honor the original agreement and condemns the unjust claim filed against it. This public notice serves to inform relevant parties and stakeholders of the situation and the actions taken by TQL.





**Contact Information:**


For further details or inquiries regarding this complaint, interested parties are encouraged to contact Leonard Dodson of L-1 Logistics LLC directly.


**- End of Release -**

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Freight Broker Complaint 

How To File A Freight Broker Complaint

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