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Complete Guide To Filing A Complaint Against A Freight Broker With
Freight Broker

How To File A freight Broker Complaint

Frustrated with a Freight Broker? Here's How to Fight Back

Have you gotten the short end of the stick from a freight broker? You're not alone, and thankfully, there are ways to make your voice heard and get results.

FIle Your Complaint On Our Complaint Form And Make It Public! This is your foundation of evidence and public notice. Complaint Form

Next :

File a Freight Broker Complaint Online:

Pick Up the Phone:

  • Prefer a live chat? Dial 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238). The friendly folks at the DOT are ready to listen and guide you through the complaint process.

Go Local:

  • Every state has its own regulatory and enforcement agencies that might be able to help. Check online or contact your state government to see what options are available.

Last Resort: Legal Action:

  • If all else fails, you can pursue legal action. Federal law requires freight brokers to carry a surety bond, essentially an insurance policy to protect against nonpayment. You can file a claim against this bond through the DOT if the broker fails to fulfill their obligations.


  • The more details you provide in your complaint, the better. Clear documentation and evidence will strengthen your case.

  • Don't give up! Holding fraudulent brokers accountable takes time and persistence, but your efforts can help protect others from similar experiences.


Click here To Read About How The National Consumer Complaint Database Can Help You 

Get your voice heard and fight for your rights. Don't let unfair treatment from a freight broker go unchallenged. Visit our page on "Why You Should Make Your Freight Broker Complaint Public" Visit

Knowledge is power when it comes to navigating the trucking industry.

How does filing a complaint case with FBC work?

Filing a complaint with FBC is simple. We have a complaint form that you fill up and this form will be directed to our research team. You will need to upload any proving documents that is associated with your complaint against a freight broker. FBC research team will begin to move forward with  due diligence and begin to investigate the complaint. You will be notified By Email and By Phone of our conclusion and next procedures of moving forward with your complaint. If we find negligence and laws broken by the freight broker company, we might also move your complaint to the DOT and FMCSA departments to escalate your complaint.

Is there a fee ?

There is no fee for our service. We Will Post Your Complaint For Free on this website platform. We will charge a fee for for other services based on our Attorneys direct fee and for sending out certified letters, the certified letter fee would be the US Postal Charge only. We do not charge additional fees for services as the FBC website is a service we offer not for profit.


We operate our business model as a not for profit company for the reason of being a true service to help trucking companies from our gained knowledge.

Does FBC offer a guarantee with this service ?

FBC can not offer a guarantee on results. To better make your case stronger and more provable, please make sure you keep all documents and any communication you have had with the broker pertaining to the load loss or wrong doings. The more evidence we can gather will greatly effect the outcome.


Why do you offer this service ?

FBC was created to help bring professionalism and integrity to the logistics industry. We were founded by Logistical Forwarding Solutions and our comprised of more than 45 years experience within the logistics trucking industry. FBC was established to be a service for carriers who have been wronged in the trucking industry to be heard and to find some sort of resolution and justice. We truly believe and support all carriers who are helping to keep America safe and growing thru their trucking services. Trucking companies already face a large amount of obstacles and for this reason we operate as a business "not for profit" to provide a foundation for carriers to receive help with the daunting task of fighting freight brokers for money owed to their trucking business.

What happens when I file a complaint with

FBC will start an investigation file by a professional DOT compliance individual who is highly knowledgeable within the FMCSA guidelines, DOT Guidelines and standards of operating a licensed Property Broker Business within America. Your complaint representative will gather all of the information from you and present your complaint case in a legal format to the freight broker company asking for resolution on your behalf.

How long does it take to receive a response from FBC once a complaint is filed ?

Usually within 3 to 5 business working days. The stronger your documents are that you posses pertaining to your complaint might help a resolution to come quicker from the freight broker company.


Is there an additional fee if FBC collects the funds ?

No. We do not collect any funds on your behalf. We are the mediator and help bring your case to who needs to hear it. If any funds are to be paid, it will go to the trucking company who filed the complaint.

Can I post a negative review for a broker on FBC without filing a complaint case?

Yes. We offer a review page for you to post positive and negative reviews of any freight broker or dispatcher you have worked with. Our review page is unbiased and it allows for you to have a voice whether or not you choose or need to file a complaint case. 

Freight Broker Complaint 

How To File A Freight Broker Complaint

The #1 Solution For Carriers To Protect What They Deserve

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